Sunday, February 27, 2005

Only Kid On His Block To Kill an Iraqi Rat

That's my Lieutenant. 2LT Cummings, holds his trophy/victim high. This rat chose the wrong time to go looking for food, LT Cummings was in the area at the same time and was feeling froggy. What the LT may not want you to know is that it took 4 or 5 rounds to bring down this ferocious creature. Nice shootn' LT. (Picture provided by our friend Randy at the Oregonian)

Tea Time

Left to Right: A Muktar (Mayor) of a local Kurdish village visits with our interpreter, MSG Brooks and SSG Hosie. When we visit a village we ask around for the Muktar and when we find him he usually invites our platoon leaders to sit and drink Chai (tea with tons of sugar) while we try to build relationships of trust with the locals and attempt to gather info on insurgent activity in the Muktar's village. This is another picture taken by Randy of the Oregonian.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Watch & Learn

During a raid on their village these three Arab boys followed us from house to house watching us search their homes. We were searching the village for Insurgents and weapons. Each house is allowed to have one AK-47 and one magazine of ammunition but we often find homes with several weapons and dozens of magazines. In such an instance we take everything but the minimum they are allowed to keep. The search on this village ended in the seizure of five or six AK-47's, shotguns, bolt action rifles, an RPK Machine Gun and thousands of rounds of ammunition but no bad guys. Maybe next time.