Sunday, June 26, 2005

And I Thought California Drivers Were Bad

The peace and quiet of Sunday morning was shattered with a monstrous explosion just outside our FOB (Forward Operating Base). G Troop was sent to investigate and find the cause of the explosion. As the convoy approached an Iraqi Police checkpoint in close proximity to our FOB the mystery of the explosion quickly vanished. It was obvious that a suicide car bomber had just attempted to kill off a few IP at the checkpoint. The Iraqi Police on the checkpoint said that the man driving the vehicle tried to takeout one of their police trucks but only managed to kill himself, wound three Iraqi civilians and do moderate damage to the police truck. This picture (courtesy of Staff Sergeant Mayo, 3rd Platoon, G Troop) shows what was left of the insurgent�s car. We refer to these car bombs as VBIEDs (Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Devices) and they have become more and more popular during the past 60 days. They have driven VBIEDs into military convoys but their main targets have been Iraqi Police and Army checkpoints. Coalition Forces seem to have become secondary targets to Iraq�s own people. It is my hope that no more Iraqi police or soldiers will need to die for the Iraqi citizens to wake up and start reporting insurgent activity in their villages which will save the lives of their own people. We are here to help; all they have to do is ask.


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