Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Base D Philosophy

This week I am pulling Base Defense where I stare at a barren Iraqi landscape making sure insurgents don't try to infiltrate our FOB. An all out attack on our base cannot be ruled out as impossible, but the probability would be one-tenth of one percent. So our main purpose of sitting out in 114-degree weather is to keep an eye on the roads and villages close to out FOB. From our watch towers we can see out into the distance and spot insurgents trying to place roadside bombs. This is a good thing because roadside bombs are nobody's friends. I like to pass my time out on Base D talking with whomever I get paired up with for that shift. During those few hours we talk about everything under the sun. Family, religion, current events, politics, women, sports, high school memories and why we are in Iraq are all possible topics. Today I spent an hour debating with Specialist Mennor trying to help him understand that NASCAR is not a sport. In this picture I am sitting on the tower at one of the gates. You can see the cement barriers in the road, which were put in place to slowdown traffic and further out you can see what we call Back Gate Village. Back Gate Village probably has the fattest kids in Iraq living there because as we cruise through this village we usually throw out the remainder of our candy that we didn't hand out while on our mission. We are working with this village to improve their school and build a water treatment facility.


Blogger Doug - The JeepCruzer said...

What?! NASCAR not a sport?! I don't belive it.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Tara Wiscott said...

I got this link from Tyler Burningham. What a cool link it looks like you are doing well. I've talked to Erica a few times and we still haven't got together. But we are going to try before you guys come home for good. Sounds like you had a busy trip home. Were are hoping that Jason comes home in August. But like everything with the Army I'll believe it when I see it. I'll keep an eye on your blog. Be safe.
Tara Wiscott

8:30 AM  

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