Monday, June 13, 2005

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

One day back in Iraq and the insurgents were anxious to see me again. Qubbah is a large village in our area and the IA (Iraqi Army) reported that about thirty insurgents had ambushed them there. That kind of intel will get G Troop fired up and rolling out without argument. When we rolled into the village I was certain that a battle was afoot. Usually when we roll into a village I see people out and about walking places or working, and there are always a few curious individuals who come out to the street to look at the Americans. But when we pulled into Qubbah I didn't see a soul. I thought, "Everybody is indoors because they know something is about to go down." A truck with loud speakers started driving around telling all adult males to come to the center of the village. I said to the driver of our truck, "There's no way that they are going to just come walking out here." To my surprise and relief the men came out and we searched the village without incident. We didn't find any insurgents, but we found some evidence that they had been there. Our biggest obstacle in stabilizing Iraq is getting the people to trust and help us. Some people do help us out by giving us tips on insurgent activity, but most people do not. They are afraid of what the insurgents’ will do to them if they are discovered helping the Coalition Forces, or they are related to the insurgents and in Iraq family always comes first.


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