Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Hate That Guy!

If not for the mortar attacks on our base this would have been a quiet, peaceful week. Heaven forbid that should ever happen. The retard that thinks it is cool to shoot 82mm mortars at us is really starting to upset me. Thankfully G Troop has not taken any casualties from his attacks, but I don't like being someone's target. Know what I mean? Today while we were out on a patrol we searched a little unoccupied shack and we found a bunch of little clay figurines and toys made out of mud. In this picture I am holding a little toy car. There were little people, bears, cows and even little cups and bowls. It reminded me of a little kids "hidden treasure". I am amazed at how simple life is to an Iraqi. It is good for me to think about this from time to time because it reminds me that the majority of the people here are not the ones trying to kill me. Most of them want peace and stability in their country and a better future for their kids. This is hard for me to keep in mind sometimes.


Blogger RussHole said...

Bring me one of those dirt toys home.

2:10 PM  

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