Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Break From The Office:1

PART III: Here is a picture of our FOB from the air. Our FOB is the dark tree line that you can see way out in the distance. From up at this viewpoint it was clear to me why our FOB has more rocket and mortar attacks than any of the other FOBs in our area. It sticks out like a sore thumb from the surrounding brown desert! The insurgents can launch the mortars from two miles away, which gives them plenty of time to drive away unseen before we can get out of the base. Why did I agree to come over here again? Oh yah, freedom, evil dictators and all that stuff.

PART II: This is Captain Kessinger. He is the JAG Officer that accompanied us to the trial. This picture was taken onboard a Chinook helicopter. The Chinook is the largest helicopter in the US Army but thanks to its dual rotor design it is also the fastest!

PART I: Staff Sergeant Mayo and I were called upon to go to Baghdad and testify against an insurgent that our platoon captured back in March. We were excited to get away from the daily grind and welcomed the idea of a little vacation to the infamous Green Zone. We traveled via Black Hawk Helicopter and this picture was snapped in mid-flight somewhere over Kirkuk. It was my first helicopter ride ever and it was pretty cool for the first hour or so, but I had had my fill by the time we reached Baghdad six hours later.


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